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A Monster Calls thumbnail
A Monster Calls

04 December 2020


The monster does not come walking often. This time it comes to Conor, and it asks for the one thing Conor cannot bring himself to do. Tell the truth. This is a very touching story about a boy who feels very damaged, guilty and mostly angry. He struggles at school with bullies, and pity looks from everyone, and at home with his mother's sickness. Will Conor overcome his problems? Will everything be okay? Will Conor be able to speak the truth?

The Angry Birds Movie thumbnail
The Angry Birds Movie

29 October 2019


Life is easy on the peaceful Bird Island; however, Red--the flightless, bad-tempered pariah--finds it extremely difficult to keep his temper under control. Inevitably, his temperament will soon lead Red to a mandatory anger management class, where other outcasts, such as Chuck and Bomb, become the closest thing he'll find to family. However, nothing could get more on Red's nerves than a ship crammed with Captain Leonard's green-hued pigs who claim to come in peace. In the end, is there more to this friendly invasion than meets the eye? Will the cranky islander get to the bottom of this?

Bad Santa 2 thumbnail
Bad Santa 2

18 December 2018


It's the most wonderful time of the year again, and the not-in-the-slightest reformed safe-cracker Willie Soke is breathing the air of freedom once more, failing miserably to keep himself afloat thirteen whole years after his last achievements. Still addicted to alcohol and at the end of his tether, Soke will reluctantly accept his former sidekick Marcus' truce and his daring plan for another Yuletide caper--this time targeting a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. However, as Willie slips back into his Santa's red suit again, much to his disappointment, he will discover that another partner in crime is also eager to join in the heist: his desperate for cash estranged mother, Sunny. Can Willie work around his mummy issues, especially now that the closest thing to family, Thurman Merman, comes to town for a visit?

High-Rise thumbnail

21 May 2018


London, 1970s. Dr Robert Laing moves into a new high-rise apartment building. It is soon apparent that there is a class-divide between the wealthier upper-floors inhabitants and the middle-class lower-floors tenants. Over time this escalates into full-blown war.

My Life as a Zucchini thumbnail
My Life as a Zucchini

27 March 2018


Nicknamed Courgette by his alcoholic and neglectful mother, the 9-year-old Icare is suddenly left all alone in the world after the unforeseen and tragic disappearance of his only parent. With his funny nickname as his only souvenir from his mother and a faded memory of his long-lost dad, the timid boy will befriend the caring police officer and father-figure, Raymond, on his way to the orphanage. There, amid equally traumatised kids, Courgette will have to struggle to fit in; however, even though every new beginning is difficult, maybe this time, good things await for a change.

Blue Jay thumbnail
Blue Jay

26 February 2018


Beginning - At first they seem very, awkward and of course they have nothing to say to each other, it's been years. They go out to get some coffee and they bond for a while, you start to see their friendship, Amanda seems reserved whilst Jim seems more forward and more talkative. It just happens that they both left their hometown, sort of symbolizes their fear of having to confront their past for years to come. But they both come back and happen to run into each other, just coincidental.